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Why is Synchronized Security So Important?

As cyber criminals continue get more and more complex in their attacks, it’s important that organizations adapt to ever advancing threats.

One of the best ways to do this, is implementing a Synchronized Security.

What exactly is Synchronized Security?

Synchronized Security is a technology that allows endpoint protection and the firewall to work together and provide a much more secure and efficient environment.

Synchronized Security allows for endpoint protection and the firewall to share data about device health and if a protected computer becomes infected.

In the case that a computer that in a Synchronized Security environment becomes infected, the endpoint protection would immediately notify the firewall about the infection and the firewall with isolate the computer on the network to prevent the malware communicating with other devices on the network or with the malware's Command-and-Control server.

The endpoint protection software will then prevent any damage from the malware and will start the automated malware clean-up process.

Once the malware has been cleaned from the computer, the endpoint will notify the firewall and the firewall will reinstate network access to the computer.

Because of Synchronized Security, potentially catastrophic cyber security events can be easily mitigated with minimal impact on workflow.

To implement Synchronized Security and take the next step to protect your organization, contact us.

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