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Yes, Macy's and Dick's sell your PII

Did you know...

That when you shop at stores like Macy's and Dick's Sporting Goods, these retailers SELL your information (like your phone number, email address, and whatever else you share with them), and what you bought to ad marketers like Facebook?

Yes Facebook..The ads you see on Facebook aren't some secret sauce magic. It's targeted to you because of your shopping habits and something you physically bought at a retail outlet like Macy's and Dick's. There are no easy Opt-Out options either unless you pay cash and refuse to give personally identifiable information.

While you can't prevent Macy's and Dick's from selling your info, you CAN prevent Facebook from using that information to serve you up with a flood of targeted advertisements.

Log into your Facebook account and go to Settings and scroll down to Ads.

Change all the Ad options to "Not Allowed." There are three places you can do this:

Of course, if you love the ads that pop up, keep calm and carry on!

Your privacy matters and you should take it personally and seriously. Protect your information - it's YOURS.

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