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Could Your Business Partner Get You Hacked?

A supply chain attack is a cyber-attack that infiltrates the user’s computer through a third-party program that has access to your system and data.

Supply chain attacks have been used to plant malicious code or gain sensitive information for the past four decades, though with the rise in technology comes the rise in these cyber-attack. The effects associated with supply chain attacks have never been higher since we rely more on technology today than ten years ago.

Last year, SolarWinds, a network monitoring tool for business was attacked by Russian hackers. This attack effected up to 18,000 customers and was even used to penetrate the networks of at least nine US federal agencies, including, NASA, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice. As shocking and scary this attack was, it definitely is not unique.

There have been many supply chain attacks with large impacts like this one that have happened before and after it.

While supply chain attacks are one of the hardest cyber-attacks to avoid, you can take the following measures to ensure your technological safety:

  • Be careful to not download 3rd party software that could be potentially unsafe.

  • Do not click on links before ensuring their safety and legitimacy.

  • Do not trust emails with unfamiliar addresses.

Another measure to take is researching and finding a recommended security software to protect your data and safety for you. A robust and effective solution will scan all incoming data to ensure its legitimacy and keep your systems and infrastructure safe. If you believe your computer has been the target of a supply chain attack, or any other type of cyber-attack method, the first thing to do is run a security scan with a trusted security software to determine if it is a legitimate threat and if it is, the software should walk you through the next steps to removing the malicious software.

While cyber-attacks can be very scary, there are easy ways to minimize the chances of one effecting you, just understanding how these attacks work and operate is the first step to preventing them in the first place.

Firestorm Cyber offers the Best-of-Breed solution available to protect your organization from advanced cyber threats, including against ransomware. Built on deep learning AI, our solution is uncompromisingly powerful!

Contact us to see how we can help you protect your systems.

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