See where your dollars are going more clearly than ever, and understand how you can get the best return on your investment with Analytic Services from Firestorm Cyber. Discover what the next trend is before it happens, understand what customers do on your website, and avoid waste in your budget. Let us help you get the competitive advantage.


Do you have tons of data but don't know how to manage and make sense of it?


Our data scientists and business analysts can build a secure portal to help you understand your business data, what's going on with your business, and what trends can drive your operations even further.


Do you offer Wi-Fi to your customers? Do you want to?


Let us help you use our WiFi analytics to get actionable insights into your visitor behaviors. Visualize foot traffic patterns and visitor return rates by using our intelligence platform to help you grow your business.


Not sure if you're getting good return on investment on where your technology dollars are going?


Our business analysts will work with you to review your operational and capital expenses and your budget and help you find gaps and bleeds.

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