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Advanced Security Services

Stay ahead of Intrusion

Have you ever wondered how strong your system protection is? Could a hacker easily get in and steal your data? Stop wondering and find out what your weaknesses are and how to protect your business. With the number of data breaches skyrocketing, can you really risk not knowing? If you ask the CEO of IBM, she'll tell you that "cybercrime, by definition, is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world."*

Don't wonder if your business will be among those that lose tens of thousands or go out of business due to a data breach. Arm yourself with Firestorm Cyber.


Our team of certified Computer Hacking Forensics Investigators have an array of tools and methods to discover data that resides on a system, or to recover deleted, damaged, or encrypted data.


The strength of our team is that we are experienced (but ethical) hackers and understand the threats in a “kill chain” and because of that we also know what to look for and where when we investigate compromises and breaches for investigative purposes.


Our bag of tricks allows us to perform exhaustive, and sometimes intrusive, penetration testing on your corporate infrastructure, websites, or web-based applications to find weakness that can be exploited. Our mission is to protect the Confidentiality, the Integrity, the Availability of data - No one wants to be in the news for being hacked or breached sensitive data.


We partner with you to bring our expertise and experience to help you secure your systems and protect your data and keep you out of the news.


Our team of Ethical Hackers and forensic investigators can scan your network and computers for known vulnerability issues and give you a confidential report on what needs to be fixed and what’s in good shape. Your internal teams can get to work on updating and fixing the issues we find, or we can do it for you. Our Systems Management Services can manage all your computers and servers to make sure that your systems are always current and safe. 


Let's talk.

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