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Has the coronavirus pandemic affected Apple’s hardware design?

Remember Apple’s TouchID sensor, which created quite a stir way back in 2013 when the iPhone 5s came out with a home button that could also read your fingerprint?

It wasn’t that having a fingerprint scanner was a new thing, even in 2013, but that the integration of the home button and the biometric sensor was a neat move by Apple.

After all, the first thing iPhone users typically did in 2013 was to click the home button to wake up their phone, popping up the unlock screen if they had been diligent enough to set a lock code.

But lots of users – notably including Marissa Mayer, then CEO of Yahoo! – didn’t set lock codes, because just pressing the home button was time-consuming enough.

So making the home button double up as a biometric authentication device was a handy way of bypassing the resistance of users who were determined to resist the use of lock codes…

…because it gave them a way to have their cybersecurity cake without having to take the time to eat it too.

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