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Human Trafficking and The Dark Web

The dark web is a topic that everyone has heard of one way or another. To sum it up, it is unindexed content that is dangerous and lurks with evil people. The dark web was meant to be a place where people could share their information whilst maintaining their anonymity. As we can see now, time has led to major illegal activities to take over this entity.

Specific software and configurations are needed in order to access the dark web which makes it hard to trace users but not impossible. Some users are still visible to some who are more technologically advanced

A sensitive but import topic that is involved with the dark web is Human Trafficking. A scary yet important issue that we all have seen or heard of. With the help of the dark web, it is easier for traffickers to maintain their anonymity and easily sell/buy. Human trafficking has exponentially grown, and groups related to human trafficking have expanded to form an organization like group to make huge profits.

Women and children are usually the target of human trafficking since they turn out to be the most profitable. Although men are not as popular in trafficking, it is not uncommon for men to be trafficked because buyers/sellers have different motives for their purchase.

Auctions are the most common form of trafficking, and the starting prices usually range from the hundreds and reach up to thousands of dollars. For auctions, traffickers either advertise photos or do a live stream to showcase. Uncensored, the victims are thrown into a place where traffickers live stream and are then forced to perform sexual acts to maximize profits with the threat of being murdered or tortured.

Victims that do not sell are usually murdered and used as an example to implant fear into the other victims. Trafficking is one of those situations where according to victims and government entities, once you are kidnapped the chance of getting rescued are low, especially on the dark web.

The severity of human trafficking is not something that should be taken lightly because millions of innocent people are kidnapped and trafficked, and many are never rescued. Survivors of trafficking will never be able to live life the same way they did before and live in constant fear for the rest of their lives.

The dark web is a haven for Traffickers and is something that is in play even at this moment. It is important to be careful when surfing through the web as sensitive data is always retrieved and sold on the dark web. Many kidnappings have happened because of information put out by people that traffickers can see or pay for.

Anyone can be a victim of this horrible crime, so it is important to spread awareness and to follow safe practices when inputting your information online.

If you see something say something! Please get help or report any suspicious activities or potential trafficking to these contacts:

National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888

Text the National Human Trafficking ‘Hotline’ at 233733

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