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Online Learning

Online learning has been exponentially growing as technology advances and people use the unmasked potential of the internet to innovate and change the world around us. Online learning is basically as it sounds, it is an online learning environment that takes the place of traditional in person classrooms. The concept of online learning has been around for a while but since the impact of the notorious COVID-19 virus, came the expansion of online learning and forceful adaptations. Whether or not scholarly entities or individuals liked the idea of an online platform, there was no choice but to adapt. While other companies and schools had to adapt, many already established online learning companies and schools thrived and expanded.

The quick shift into the online learning world brought many positive impacts and gives opportunities to people who live a busy lifestyle the ability to learn remotely and at their time. The cost of online learning is also cheaper which makes it more affordable in terms of tuition and transportation and other expenses that would normally come with traditional in person learning. Asynchronous courses are another perk because it lets students go at their pace to meet their needs.

Websites with online learning platforms that are alternatives to school have also sparked and have become more popular. These websites host courses that individuals can take to learn a specific topic and obtain a certification of completion that they can showcase to employers. These websites provide asynchronous courses as well that improve skills or knowledge in a specific area which are alternatives to further education institutions. Many people now especially for modern jobs look to these forms of education since it provides flexibility, low costs, and the pace desired to make ends meet.

There are many perks to online learning as well as opportunities for individuals that would not have been possible before which can be a career change or higher education. Despite how great this concept sounds, there are also many weaknesses to online learning that come with it. The main weaknesses involve the person and the way they are affected by an online environment that would not be an issue with in person classrooms or courses. Online courses make it really easy for a person to procrastinate and drag it out for as long as they can which can affect them in a negative way when it comes to retaining information.

Not having the trait of being independent is what causes this form of learning to not be for everyone. There are many skills that are needed prior to taking online courses. Skills that are required include having good time management, ability to do independent research/studying and being organized. Being computer literate is also needed as you have to deal with researching, adapting to new applications, submitting documents, and communicating. Online learning requires more of self-learning and when trying to get supplemental help it does not compare to having someone in person. Cheating is also a topic when it comes to online learning because of the many ways you can get answers without studying. Institutions adapt and find ways and methods to limit this and try to follow so the material is actually being learned.

Bouncing back from the nationwide lock down, students have more accessibility to improved online content. There are many controversies with this topic and it is clear that it has made a major impact in the world of learning as well as given opportunities to many individuals. Online learning continues to improve to make education more affordable and accessible to all people and their busy lifestyles. Some institutions now provide the best of worlds by giving the option of taking hybrid courses which involve and in class and an online experience.

Online learning has its benefits as well as its bad traits, but overall gives opportunities and alternatives to make education available for all and for what ever style of learning or even a specific topic they want to pursue.

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