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Package Theft

It is the time of the year where it is one holiday after another. This means that gifts are in high demand. However, over the past few years, online shopping has become more and more accessible. Online shopping is becoming more popular that shopping in stores, especially with the recent pandemic and events. Shopping online eliminated the need to leave your house and shop in person, allowing for greater convenience and a lower risk of getting sick. It is pretty widely known that more people are shopping online, including criminals. It is becoming more and more normal for people to be victims of package theft.

During this time of the year, people are ordering almost everything online. Anything from groceries, to pantry items, to gifts can be ordered online. One downside of ordering online however, is the risk of getting your packages stolen after a delivery. Thieves have become more persistent and difficult to get resolved. There are a couple of ways to deter thieves from stealing packages. The first option, is to leave detailed instructions on your delivery instructions on how to deliver your package. Senders, when buying online, usually have an option during the purchase process to leave a note to the delivery personnel to hide your packages. It is useful to let them know to hide your package behind a pot or a big immovable object. By doing this, you deter criminals from stealing your packages by not allowing them to be visible. You can also select a required signature upon delivery. The delivery driver cannot leave your package without a signature to know who it got delivered to. You may also sign up for delivery alerts and ask a trusted neighbor to help, by collecting your packages when they arrive.

If you notice that your packages are going missing, there a couple steps to take in order to get your packages back. The first step would be to check the surrounding area to see if the delivery driver hid your package out of sight. Although it may be a rare occasion, sometimes delivery drivers put an extra second or two in their delivery to make sure the package is out of sight. If you have any neighbors, ask them if they’ve have seen your package or if it has accidentally been delivered to their place. The recipient may also file a complaint with the shipping company for a refund of the value of the product. If things are taken via the shipping company, compensation may not be guaranteed and it may take several weeks if not months to hear something back. Filing a police report may also help and could end up in regaining your possessions.

One of the best ways to combat theft, however, is by installing security like cameras on the property. It is a very useful tool to have at an office or building to monitor the goings in and out of the building. By installing cameras, you may even be able to identify the thief. Here at Firestorm Cyber, we provide services from phones, to full tech support, to security cameras for businesses. With the use of our security services, we provide safety from internet threats up to camera monitoring. By having cameras at a business, the evidence can result in a faster turn around and resolution.

Give Firestorm a call, to see what we can do for your business by providing internet and property security. Give a visit for more information.

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