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Selecting a Managed Security Service Provider

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) often claim to enhance your security with Managed Threat Response (MTR) services. If you are using or considering an MSSP, you are moving in the right direction.

Review our MTR checklist to help you determine if you are getting the most effective MSSP services.

Your MSSP should act as an extension of your security team and take a holistic approach to helping you achieve your business and security goals. You should expect to be assigned a dedicated success team responsible for providing security advisory functions and that also understands your business as well as your technical needs.

Is your MSSP working with you as a true partner?

Industry-leading MSSPs use a combination of people, technology and Artificial Intelligence to detect, prioritize and respond to indicators of attack or compromise for advanced threat detection. Managed Threat Response components include threat discovery, business context modeling and AI-based threat hunting models including 24/7 investigations by analysts.

Does your MSSP deliver these resources to detect threats?

MSSPs should have unrivaled visibility into advanced threats in real-time and business continuity globally. With 24/7 operations, globally positioned providers should be in a position to respond quickly and effectively.

Does your MSSP have a distributed operation and threat visibility?

Advanced MSSPs should provide clients with a comprehensive security dashboard that gives visibility into each client’s overall threats and risk. Threats often evolve from a minor compromise, and should be managed from people awareness programs to active threat hunting to help a client identify blind spots in their security controls and access.

Does your MSSP provide continuously-monitored insight into your security risks?

Vulnerability scans can generate many vulnerabilities that have to be analyzed, identified, and mitigated. These have to be prioritized on risk and managed based on real and exploitable vulnerabilities.

Does your MSSP provide on-going Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

Many organizations don’t have the internal resources to manage security products in their business environment to keep them operating on standards and best-practices. MSSPs should have the ability to manage Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms, firewalls, endpoint protection software and cloud-based security tools to help maximize your technology investments.

Does your MSSP manage or co-manage Next-Gen security products?

Every client’s business needs are unique, but not every MSSP has the ability to customize their services to the needs of each client. Being flexible should cover customizing reports, dashboards, cases, escalation and incident responses to meet each client’s needs.

Does your MSSP customize their services to meet your business needs?

So how does your MSSP score?

You might not be getting the most out of your Managed Security Service Provider and your technology investments.

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