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Stop using "Free" Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi is everyone’s best friend when you want to watch videos or download things on your mobile devices. The internet speed of a mobile networks can’t compare to being connected to wi-fi. For this reason, public wi-fi is an enticing option for whatever the case may be.

However, like the saying goes, nothing is for free. Free wi-fi comes with many cyber security dangers such as data theft. Even the most common remedies to hide your data rarely helps.

Public free wi-fi can be found in public places like airports, coffee shops, malls, restaurants, and hotels. Public wi-fi allows you to access the internet for free without having to be at home. These public networks are so common, that people frequently connect to them without thinking twice. Connecting to these networks for daily activities can result in compromised information. Individuals can obtain information from logging into websites like social media or your email accounts.

One way a hacker might be able to do this is by conducting an attack called: Man-in-the-Middle (MitM). A MitM attack is essentially someone who eavesdrops the network. When a computer makes a connection to the internet, data is sent from your computer wirelessly to hardware at the location. Any sort of vulnerabilities can allow an attacker to get in between these transmissions and access them if the network is not monitored properly.

There are a few ways to keep your devices protected from public networks. The best way to avoid making your devices venerable is to avoid public networks. By not connecting to these networks, you prevent your device from being vulnerable to these attacks and makes it more difficult. The second-best way is to connect only to networks that you know are sure is secure.

Generally, home networks and private business networks are secure since they are supposed to be private. Protecting your device will also help keep your data safe. By protecting your device with an endpoint protection software, like Sophos with Firestorm Cyber, your able to detect and protect your device from being snooped on by software or installed malware.

One big misconception about how to protect yourself from public networks is using VPNs. Although there might be a few companies that may provide a secure VPN connection, most, especially free ones, still collect and sell your data.

Firestorm Cyber has a series of products that helps ensure the safety of the data for our customers. We have firewalls for homes and businesses that helps ensure that the internet at the location is secure. Our endpoint protection helps secure your device even when you’re not on the secure networks. The endpoint protection defends devices from unwanted malware and spyware. To learn more about how to obtain cyber security services from Firestorm Cyber, check out our website at

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