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The DANGERS of "Free" Wi-Fi

Many users don't understand the risks of public Wi-Fi, even though companies have started to give users a warning when they connect to an unsecure Wi-Fi.

A public Wi-Fi is a perfect situation for a hacker, it can give the connection needed to harvest private information, plant malicious code, or remotely connect to your computer.

When a hacker uses a public Wi-Fi to target someone, usually they are actually in or near the building with you. They are also targeting a user that will be the easiest to hack, meaning if you follow any protocols and are targeted, they will most likely just skip over you and move on to someone else.

The following methods are practices that could save you from malicious activity while on a public Wi-Fi:

Don’t Share Anything Private

If you are connected to an unsecure and private network without any form of protection never access personal information, such as logging into a bank account, checking email, or accessing documents that contain sensitive information. It is best to assume that someone is watching you, imagine someone is standing behind you and staring over your shoulder watching everything you do.

Use a VPN Service

A virtual private network, or VPN, service encrypts everything you send and receive over a Wi-Fi network. You connect to a VPN server over an encrypted connection and everything you do gets routed through that server. A VPN prevents anyone trying to eavesdrop or intercept information.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a great way to have another level of security. With two-factor authentication, after you enter a password and log into an account it sends a one-time password (OTP) to either an app, email, or through a text message and requires you to type that OTP in to get access. In case a hacker gains access to your information they will still not be able to get into your account because they cannot access the OTP.

While these are all good measures to take anywhere, they are especially important when on a public Wi-Fi. If you are looking for an extra layer of protection contact us! We guarantee protection for every imaginable cyber threat!

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