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The Human Element

The Human Element is one of the most valuable assets of any organization. In business, people are considered resources because they are what truly runs a business, while systems can be optimized to be the most efficient, everything still comes down to relying on the employees of that business. The Human Element is the term for the people who help operate the business.

While it is one of, if not the most important factor of a business, it is also the most susceptible to falter just do to one weak link. There could be just one lazy employee that decides to not keep stock, or something on a grander scale like a national crisis similar to Covid-19 that throws all employees through a loop, causing absolute chaos.

Humans are unpredictable and impossible to control, since the operations of a business rely on them it is crucial to create and maintain a working and healthy Human Element in a business.

The Human Element is key in all businesses. It is especially crucial within any that rely on tech for operations. With the rise of cyber-attacks and cyber criminals, understanding how to fight back has never been more important. Unfortunately, it can take one untrained or inexperienced employee to fall victim to a cyber-attack since cyber criminals only need one entry point onto a network and majority of their targets are people.

Once a cyber-criminal gains access to a network through one employee, they can extract important data or even plant malicious code that could travel to that company’s customer’s networks, causing a mass cyber-attack due to one employee.

While hiring a company for cyber security, such as Firestorm Cyber, is only the first step in preventing cyber-attacks, it is still possible for cyber criminals to communicate with the employees of a business so it is crucial to train employees and improve the Human Element of the business to prevent all types of attacks.

Employees need to know how to respond to suspicious emails and websites, to understand how important it is to not download anything that could include malicious code etc.

Firestorm Cyber provide cyber awareness training every month to prevent these kind of attacks from occurring. as well as cyber security to prevent all types of unseen threats and improve the safety of any operation it does business with.

Contact us to find out how we can help make your employees cyber aware and secure your business.

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