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Why you should use a Lenovo

When it comes to computers for Business, here's why you should use Lenovo.

1. Reliability

Lenovo’s is made for durable and reliable computers that are made to last making them a popular choice among many top businesses in the US and internationally. A lot of their laptop models are known to survive drops, spills, and all kinds of usual laptop hazards.

2. Affordable yet effective

Lenovo focuses on innovation, consistently impressing with their stunning innovations. Focusing on the effectiveness allows Lenovo to lower the price of their laptops without sacrificing what is necessary.

3. A great range of products

Lenovo creates a great range in products, their cheapest options are extremely affordable, albeit lacking in some effectiveness, features, and looks. Lenovo’s premium products provide very strong performance in a rugged yet sleek chassis, perfect for professional work. They even have video gaming rig options, boasting impressive specs made to run any game on the market.

4. Tech Support

Lenovo provides hands down one of the best tech supports for laptops on the market, they even provide specialized support services for business plans. They provide a great consumer website that is easy to navigate and an application that automatically scans your device for its name and serial number. Lenovo also offers a Premier Support program for any businesses or individuals willing to pay.

5. Warranty and Coverage

Lenovo provides great extended warranty and coverage – all consumer come with 12-month warranties and commercial laptops ship with up to a 36-month hardware warranty for free.

Lenovo produces laptops for every different individual and situation, with focus on affordability and performance. Whether you are a student, an employer or a stay at home parent Lenovo has a product for you.

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