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Augmented Reality is NOT Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality, ‘AR’ for short, is a type of interactive software that has become more common as we advance in the world of technology. Augmented Reality is interactive and allows us to mix and incorporate our imagination and things we see only on an app, into the real world.

AR is sometimes confused with VR (Virtual Reality) because they follow a similar concept but are different in how people interact with them and how they are used. For example, Virtual Reality is exactly as it states, it is a fixed environment that is accessed virtually, Users are usually able to view their augmented reality through a headset. Unlike Virtual Reality, AR is different and, in a sense, more useful. Instead of it being a new virtual world, AR takes real life and enhances our reality by implementing 2D models. That is the main difference between Virtual and Augmented reality, one is a virtual and fictional new world (VR), while the other is our own world that is enhanced to meet or support whatever our needs are. (AR)

Augmented Reality has impacted a lot on our everyday life and entertainment. Pokémon Go for example, was a popular app that gave more of an insight of what AR is capable of. A handful of other games follow the same style which include AR to give the user an ultimate experience all from an app and the camera on your device. Shopping with Augmented Reality is a modern pleasure that makes online shopping simple. Instead of picturing how a desired product would look in a certain room or place, AR makes it possible to see the final result.

There are constantly new forms of AR used in everyday life and it will only get more common as we advance in technology. Aside from entertainment, AR is starting to become popular for the workplace which greatly benefits employees and companies.

Faster training and high efficiency in the workplace are what Augmented Reality provides in the professional world. Mainly used with engineering and mechanical industries, AR is making its way into the medical and retail workforce. What used to be deemed as a luxury is now becoming an essential product crucial for success and efficiency. Hands on training can be dangerous and intense, but AR erases that with the ability to be in an interactive simulation.

AR allows trainees and other workers to get a labeled 3D blue print at their discretion, to help with training or a project instead of using a 2D online module. In the medical field it can also provide assistance in diagnosis and simulated treatments of health issues. Not only do you get detailed 3D information, but you can also get guided step-by-step instructions which increase efficiency. Extending beyond complex labels and interactive instructions, AR continues to become more necessary for modern problems.

A reality that is augmented can be intimidating and excessive, but it is designed so that you, the user, do not have to limit imagination but incorporate it into your environment. Modern complicated problems are solved with modern solutions and with AR that is possible.

Benefits of AR are endless and it is technology that will get better and more essential because it is a combination of our thoughts with our environment.

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