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Cyber Security in the Construction Industry

When it comes to industries where cyber security is important, the construction industry normally doesn’t come into mind.

Part of the reasoning for this, is that news only covers data breaches and incidents for large companies that are recognized nationwide or internationally. Without the in-depth news coverage that other industries and businesses get, it gives many individuals a false sense of security.

This sense of security makes people think that the likelihood of getting hit by a cyber-attack is improbable. However, cyber security threats are a common occurrence to smaller businesses as well. A data breach investigation report, by Verizon, identified that nearly 43% of data breaches were aimed at small businesses. That is why any business, big or small, should take measures to protect their data.

In recent years, the construction industry has moved towards a technological based system. The technology and devices that they use aids workers in creating blueprints, calculations, ordering materials, computer aided designs (CAD), etc. With an increase in the use of technology, comes a greater risk of security threats. For this reason, the construction industry should begin to recognize the importance of obtaining proper cyber security defenses.

Threats can vary from anything as simple as email password leaks, to ransomware attacks that hold the company’s information hostage until they pay. Hackers are even able to fully lock devices such as computers and phones remotely, not allowing the device to be used rending them useless.

Security breaches affects the operation of companies in many ways impacting operation and making revenue. For example, if a company were to get hit be a ransomware attack that locked all of their blueprints, billing invoices, customer information, and the ability to use their computers, the construction company could lose many years’ worth of data if they are unable to recover the documents and devices compromised. Losing data like that can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost, if not millions depending on the projects effected and size of the company.

There are many ways to prevent security incidents from happening.

First, invest in cyber security measures that will protect your devices and data. A good defense is as important as a good offense in the cyber security world. By protecting your data beforehand, you’re less likely to get hit by cyber-attacks.

Firestorm Cyber focuses on prevention for our customers to avoid the costly mistakes in the long run. We provide 24/7 monitoring to catch and prevent security breach measures by hackers and attackers.

In the rare case that an attack is able to come through, Firestorm backs up files and data that our customers have. If any data gets confiscated and becomes unrecoverable, we are able to restore the data that the attackers were originally going to use against their victims. Our DRaa

Secondly, educate workers on common cyber security preventative measure. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If a worker were to reveal information unknowingly via spam email, it could provide attackers with an entry point to reach sensitive data.

Prevention measures and software can only do so much to reduce human error. Mistakes happen and hackers are becoming more creative in their methods.

By educating workers on how to be safe and take security measures, companies can reduce the probability of human error to make security measures more effective.

Contact us to find out how we can help secure and protect your construction business.

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