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Encrypted Messaging Privacy

The basics of encrypted text messaging

The most common form of encrypted messaging is called “end-to-end encryption or E2EE. It is a way of communication so that only the sender and the receiver of the information can read the messages or data. It prevents your phone provider, app provider, and your phone manufacturer from seeing what you sent or received.

Encryption is a process that encodes a message or file so that it can be only ready by certain people who have the key needed to unscramble or decrypt the data.

How to use an encrypted messaging app

Using an encrypted messaging app is actually relatively seamless from the user’s prospective. In fact, you may already be using one of these apps and not even realize it. The following are some apps that already send encrypted messages:

1. Apple iMessage

2. WhatsApp

3. Knox

4. Signal

5. Wickr

How secure our encrypted messages?

Encryption prevents anyone without a “key” from viewing a message sent, for example, Apple cannot even decrypt their own messages sent through their messaging platform, the authorities of government agencies and legal teams have been unsuccessful in getting them to unlock devices or decrypt messages.

Using an encrypted messaging service is a great step to take towards preventing any data leakage, cyber-attacks, or a paper trail of any kind.

Looking for more security?

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