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How UCaaS/VoIP Elevates what phones can do

Communication at the office setting is very vital. It allows your workers to interact with the customers efficiently. The most important forms of communication are phone calls and messages. Although email may also be important, phone calls and messages guarantee the employees to get in contact immediately when something needs to get done. It can be very difficult to get every service to work correctly. This is when UCaaS comes into play; UCaaS is a business solution that unifies phone service, messaging, and video calling.

UCaaS is a way to unify communication services to allow workers to answer phone calls and send messages and do video calls from the comfort of everywhere, even of they are not on site. UCaaS has its roots on VoIP, but has been updated to do much more. UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. Unified Communications integrates multiple forms of communication. “As a service” indicates that it is a delivery model for both the cloud and software.

Unified Communication as a Service solves a number of issues. Especially in these trying times with Covid, it allows users to work from home. Since UCaaS works over the internet, you don't need any extra VoIP hardware. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is what UCaaS is based off of and is powered by. VoIP converts sound and transmits it into data packets to a cloud phone service. Phone numbers and voicemail notifications operate using the universal Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). UCaaS harnesses the best of VoIP without the complexity and hardware requirements. Your entire team can place calls without having to invest in infrastructure. It's all handled by the provider. Employees today can work remotely with apps on their computers and mobile devices.

UCaaS data centers withstand severe weather, power outages, and surges in remote work. Messaging, collaboration, and video apps work similarly to UC solutions. UC solutions operate with practicality in mind. UCaaS does have a few downsides however; the biggest downside is the need for high-speed internet, followed by limited emergency calling.

Since UCaaS is hosted over the internet, an internet connection is required.

Since internet is widely available, it isn’t that big of an issue. However, one thing that you may notice while using internet-based communication services is that if you connection is not fast enough, you may experience lag and call drops. It is important to get the appropriate internet speed for the number of devices on your network and how you plan on use the network.

Firestorm cyber provides a multitude of services to assist your workplace environment. We provide anything from internet security to phone services. Our phone services can utilize UCaaS technology to bring your office a unified communication service solution. Our phone services allow for your phone calls and messages to be answered from anywhere and across devices. Here at the office of Firestorm Cyber, our unified communications service works flawlessly to help us provide our customers with 24/7 service.

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