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Refine your Google Searches

Google has been around since 1997, with almost everyone using it's powerful search engine.

Sometimes you don't always get the results you're looking for. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your search queries.

  • Quotes: Use quotes to search for a phrase exactly as your typed it: "Swift Download"

  • Hypen: Use a hyphen to exclude words. It's useful when you're searching something with an ambiguous meaning: Swift -bird

  • Site: Use "site:" to search for content only on a specific website: Swift

  • Asterisk: Use an asterisk (*) to leave a placeholder that will be filled by the search engine: * coding projects

  • Filetype: Use "filetype:" to search for a specific file type you need: coding filetype:PDF

  • Range: Use two periods to define a range to limit your search to it: Swift index 2016..2021

Just Google that!

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