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Show me the Bitcoin!! Or else.

Ransomware?! What's Ransomware?

In a nutshell, Ransomware is malicious software that will encrypt the data (i.e. your files and documents) on a computer or server making them inaccessible and unusable. Cyber criminals hold the data hostage until their ransom demand is paid in bitcoins. If you don't pay the ransom, your data remains unusable. Criminals have lately taken to threatening to release your data to the public if you don't pay.

How do cyber criminals infect your computer with ransomware?

There are a variety of techniques that criminals use to infect computers. The most common of these are:

  • Software vulnerabilities: Criminals scour the Internet to find systems that are running software that have vulnerabilities and/or weaknesses or are unpatched. They compromise these systems to take control of them and deploy ransomware.

  • E-mail phishing campaigns: Criminals send e-mails that typically contain a malicious file or a link which then deploys malware directly to the computer when the recipient clicks on them. Cyber criminals have used generic spamming strategies to deploy the malware but many are targeted and specific. In many cases, criminals will compromise a victim's e-mail account and use it to spread the infection even further.

  • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol): RDP is a protocol that allows people control the data and resources of a system over the Internet. RDP is a well-known vulnerability and should never be used over the Internet. Criminals will use various techniques, including buy compromised credentials on dark web markets, to get access to a system and then deploy malware such as ransomware.

What can you do?

  • Backup! Backup! Backup! And keep backups OFFLINE!

  • Use MFA/2FA to secure your credentials.

  • Patch and Update! Often!

  • Use Endpoint Protection to secure your systems.

  • Have an Incident Response Plan for when something does happen.

Firestorm Cyber's S3 Service provides guaranteed protection against Ransomware. If we fail to protect your systems, we will pay up to $1 Million for damages. Anywhere in the world.

Contact us to learn more.

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