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SIM + SEM = SIEM | And why you NEED it

In the digital world we live in today it is safe to say that security for all devices should be a priority. With many bad people who want your information it is now necessary to protect yourself and your information from being stolen or corrupted.

Security information and event management or SIEM is the answer to being a better protected user thanks to the many capabilities that it brings along. SIEM helps to protect against potential threats that can impact an organization. SIEM allows the ability to monitor your network for suspicious activity to neutralize the cyber threat before it impacts the organization.

Over time SIEM has been enhanced with smarter and faster technology to keep up with modern threats and cyber-attacks so it can always be one step ahead.

SIEM detects and blocks attacks all in real time and it does that by collecting and analyzing small to large amounts of data from an organization’s network and devices. This gives an advantage for the I.T department to manage their network event logs and flow of data all in one area.

Security event management (SEM) and security information management (SIM) combine to make SIEM for the ultimate security of the network and control to prevent attacks before they happen. Having access to all the data and trying to decipher what is a threat can be extensive but with SIEM monitoring it gives you alerts and detects security risks so it is easier to reach and stop the threat before it goes any further. With predetermined tools from SIEM, it is very helpful in help security teams to decide what is a threat and to generate alerts.

Timely alerts and the right data is very important because if a cyber-attack is not stopped in time, it is sometimes too late. SIEM is also customizable to fit the organization's focus when it comes to network protection. Depending on the organization they can choose what type of threat or activity will be logged or if it will be sent out as an alert or what threats or activity need immediate attention. Setting what activity to trigger a different type of alert will be crucial to fast workflow and better security as well as great organization.

SIEM goes through an enormous amount of data that just a team goes through will take forever to figure out what is a threat. SIEM analyzes what is important and needs attention so it is easier to get to and get your hands on what needs attention.

SIEM has many capabilities and benefits that makes it an asset to the security of an organization. Security is improved as well as compliance. Improved compliance is done by SIEM mitigating cyber risks that meet company regulation compliance standards. The true benefit of SIEM is having a view of potential threats all in front of you and also real time threat identification and response.

SIEM also has login data which pulls users passwords and login information and keeps it in one secure location. This gives great network information and gives the ability for transparency in the network to see who is connected and what devices are on the network ensuring all security follows best practices. SIEM also provides a dashboard which is a helpful tool that gives the data needed in a presentable way to make what you're looking for as well as the data reachable.

The dashboard is and works as it sounds, a center where there are charts and analytical graphs of the activity and potential threats. All the data that you want to keep track of is in a dashboard that makes it easy to read and reach while making it as clear and organized as possible. Dashboard also allows the ability to give a great presentation. The presenter can use this data from the dashboard to show it to other analysts and with it being very clean and organized it is easy to go over and analyze the data and the activity in the network.

SIEM has been around for some time and over the years as technology has advanced, so has SEIM. Implemented with powerful AI SIEM comes forward and stays ahead to keep the confidentiality and security of an organization intact. SIEM has always been seen as a strong but expensive product and because of this, organizations look past it but with improvements and advancement of technology different visions with different capabilities are created.

Different versions of SIEM allows for the costs to be more pocket friendly for different types of companies and their needs. SIEM today has software that will meet an organization's budget as well their needs so there's something for everyone.

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