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The Power of Cloud Sandbox

When companies form partnerships, many things are taken into consideration. Such considerations include: reputation, return in investment, experience, and quality of work or services. Partners enhance the work and services offered by the company, so that the customer receives work above and beyond their expectations. For this reason, Firestorm Cyber has partners that compliment our ideas and work ethic.

One such partner of ours is Sophos.

Sophos is a company dedicated to preventing, protecting, and teaching consumers about the harms and dangers of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. They offer services and tools, through us as a partner, that protects data and the safety of individuals and the community from malicious cyber-attacks. However, unlike standard cyber protection, the tools deployed by Sophos go above and beyond to not only stop cyber threats, but also learn and research new technologies and threats to prevent and detect future attacks.

One such tool is: Cloud Sandbox by Sophos.

Among the various tools offered by Sophos, one of the most useful ones that is usually undermined is Sophos Sandbox. Like most antiviruses, Sandbox is a tool created to stop a cyber-attack from any sort of malware. However, this tool was created with a greater purpose in mind than just stopping any malware attack.

Most antivirus software is library dependent. A library, in this case, is like an encyclopedia for the software to reference; by referencing the library, antivirus software knows what is malicious and what is not. Malware libraries are efficient and provide a good level of protection depending on company providing the service, however there is one big flaw with those libraries that is usually not discussed. What if those libraries encounter a new, never seen before, threat?

The cyber security world is a never-ending war between the attackers and defenders. Between both parties, advancements and improvements in technology need to be made to stay on top. For this reason, Sophos has developed Sandbox.

Sophos Sandbox is the next level extended protection that build on existing technology to offer more protection than the run of the mill antivirus and cyber protection. The developers at Sophos have gone above and beyond to produce a system of cyber protection that does not entirely rely on virus libraries. Instead, Sandbox is virtualized environment that analyzes suspicious files and programs to better identify them. Once identified, Cloud Sandbox will send back a detailed report of the occurrence so that the network managers can make educated changes to policies, if needed, to further improve security.

By having a virtualized environment that can carry out test procedures to confirm the safety of the software, even the newest forms of malware can be detected, which would otherwise have gone unnoticed by traditional antivirus.

Cloud Sandbox, especially when paired with the other services by Sophos that we offer, out preforms most, if not all, of the traditionally recommended protection software. Just a few of the key capabilities are as follows:

Pattern-based detections: Sandbox learns, detects, and blocks malicious files and disguised threats through advanced pattern detection.

Anti-sandbox malware: Sophos is able to detect when malware has evasive behavior towards virtual environments. This is usually a red flag and Sophos will warn the users.

Automatic updates: The service receives frequent and automatic updates to ensure the best protection. Although an updated library is not as important, because of its detection methods, it helps ensure the best and most continuous results.

Granular Verdict: This is the report that includes the verdict of the file or software in question. This report is very conclusive and informative, allowing the users to see results.

Seamless integration: Super easy to integrate with other Sophos products. This enables comprehensive threat intelligence and good user experience throughout.

To learn more about what other services Sophos provides in conjunction with our team, please visit our website.

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