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What your Devices know about you

From your phone, to your tablets, to your laptop, and to your desktop computers, your devices know and keep a lot of information about you. All of them are lucrative targets for hackers and bad actors.

On average there are over 2000 victims of scam emails everyday. Considering over 75 million scam emails are sent everyday, that's a tiny percentage. But hackers only have to be right once to hit pay dirt. Fortunately people are wising up and learning to recognize fake and scam emails.

So where are your risk points, and what do your devices know about you? Here are 12 important and personal information that can be found on your devices.

Imagine if a hacker compromised one or more of your devices, and the treasure trove of information they would get their hands on...and the damage they could do your identity, finances, and just about everything else.

Protect your device! Get and install protection on ALL your devices and keep them current.

Contact Firestorm Cyber for help on getting industry-leading and the #1 protection for your computers, tablets, and phones:

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