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Zero Trust

Originally, the basic assumption was that everything within the security perimeter was secured. Most data was secured in the confines of a company’s building, and many companies had the belief that nothing inside that perimeter posed a threat.

However, today employees are able to access company data through their devices regardless of where they’re located. Which makes cyber criminals’ lives much easier as they would have multiple entry points to choose from. To combat this, companies can use the zero trust security approach.

What is Zero trust?

“Never trust, always verify”

Zero trust is a security concept that establishes that no user, device, system, or workload should be trusted automatically regardless of where it is located. Everything must be verified before any access is granted, whether inside or outside the perimeter.

The intention is that trusted identities get access the systems, data, networks, and applications that they are intended to. Zero trust ensures that if a single user is somehow compromised, the attacker must attempt an attack on each part of the system separately before they’re actually able to access to any data. However, they are likely to fail.

Who can benefit?

For obvious reasons, zero trust has been the standard. It is the main response to combating complex threats. Any and all businesses can greatly benefit from using the zero trust approach. Especially if:

  • You own a business!

What will it do for you?

  • Improve security

  • Improve operational performance

  • Provide multi-factor authentication

  • Successfully verify and grant access

  • Control network flow

  • Provide security at every angle

Zero trust network

The importance of identifying your assets and creating micro segments around each one individually cannot be stressed enough. This helps with blocking unauthorized or malicious threats, as there would be multiple inspection points. This means that if a breach is encountered, it can be contained and isolated.

Why Sophos Zero Trust Network Access?

Sophos ZTNA is deemed the only zero trust access solution unified with a top tier endpoint product. That product being Intercept X. With Sophos ZTNA users are able to experience next level threat protection against advanced threats, such as ransomware and spyware. Networks and endpoints are protected using the most powerful machine learning and advanced endpoint technology. Users experience security on both ends as Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X are constantly working together to provide the strongest protection possible to locate and isolate threats. This is done by sharing system health and status information between the two.

Most Trusted

Data security is essential for every business, no matter the size. It is vital because without the necessary knowledge and resources, businesses could be greatly impacted. Both Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X are deployed together and presumed to be the world’s most powerful and trusted cybersecurity system, providing users with the layered security they desire.

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